Woman Rescues Wounded Greyhound After Man Tries To Dump Him

England’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is looking for the man who dumped a blue merle Greyhound with life-threatening injuries. 

The dog was apparently attacked by another canine and suffered a gaping wound to the chest. When questioned by a woman who saw the man walking the injured pooch, he said he planned to leave the dog at an estate in Leeds.

The woman intervened immediately, rushing the dog to a 24-hour vet clinic where he underwent surgery for the almost 12-inch long wound. 

Image: Provided by the RSPCA

Upon examination, the vet also discovered that the dog has a microchip and is named Blue. However, when staff contacted the family to whom the microchip was registered, they said they had sold Blue 18 months earlier. Now, animal rescue inspector Emma Ellis is investigating the case and trying urgently to find the person who is responsible for leaving the dog in such a condition. 

“I am keen to find the owner of Blue and am appealing for anyone who knows to get in touch,” Ellis told Leeds Live. “He is very distinctive looking and I am confident someone will know who he belongs to and believe he possibly lived near to the area where he was found.”

Ellis also revealed that someone had tried to glue Blue’s wound shut in hopes of avoiding veterinary care. 

“It appears Blue was injured following an attack by another dog and someone tried to glue the wound but did not take him for urgent veterinary treatment when he was in obvious need of help,” Ellis said. “Blue was very lucky to survive as the injury was so serious and he was losing a lot of blood.”

Image: Provided by the RSPCA

The woman who took Blue from the suspect described him as white and tall with dark hair. He is in his early 20s and was wearing a blue coat and dark sweatpants. The RSPCA is asking for anyone with information about the man or the dog to contact them immediately. 

As for Blue, he is now safe and recovering at the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. While no one knows for sure quite the cruelties he faced at the hands of humans, it’s clear that Blue is thankful to be safe. 

H/T: Leeds Live

Featured Image: Provided by the RSPCA

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