Woman Threatens To Call Cops On Dog Trainer For Not Answering Her Texts

WARNING: Video contains inappropriate language and animal abuse.

When someone takes forever to respond to texts, it can be frustrating. But is it worthy of yelling and calling the cops? Of course not. Yet, one woman seemed to think so.

When her dog trainer didn’t respond to a text within 12 minutes, she grew furious. When another text wasn’t answered in 20 minutes, she threatened to call the cops.

Image: Screenshot, @packleaderlinds/TikTok

Dog trainer Lindsay Johnson-Arro documented the woman’s entire outburst on TikTok. Everything Johnson-Arro did seemed to make the woman angrier. And the poor dog was forced to witness the whole thing too!

An Unnecessary Outburst

In video footage posted to TikTok, Johnson-Arro shows the woman’s dramatic reaction to her not checking her phone enough. First, the woman was furious when Johnson-Arro didn’t answer her text within 12 minutes, and after 20 minutes, she claimed she was calling the police. After that, Johnson-Arro made it clear that she would no longer be training the client’s dog.

Of course, this made the woman even more furious, so she rushed to the facility to continue the argument in person. Johnson-Arro felt unsafe, so she started recording the interaction.

Image: Screenshot, @packleaderlinds/TikTok

The woman gives a brief apology, but Johnson-Arro stands her ground. She tells the woman that she will board the dog if needed, but not train him. Otherwise, the woman is free to take him home and not come back. After a little bit of begging, the woman finally agrees to just board him. While the conversation should end there, it doesn’t.

Another cut in the video shows the woman yelling again. She calls Johnson-Arro manipulative, along with some other horrible names. Johnson-Arro hands the woman her dog and asks her politely to leave. The woman continues yelling, but then pauses when she realizes she’s being recorded.

Image: Screenshot, @packleaderlinds/TikTok

Not Worth the Fight

At that point in the video, Johnson-Arro is ready to get the woman out of her business as soon as possible. She knows it’s not worth the fight. But the woman won’t leave unless Johnson-Arro walks out with her. She also repeatedly tells her to stop recording, but Johnson-Arro explains that she has a right to do so for her own safety.

As the woman continues to argue, it’s clear that she’s choking her dog slightly. When the dog trainer points this out to her, the woman shows little sympathy and blames her for not training him.

Image: Screenshot, @packleaderlinds/TikTok

In a separate video, the woman is seen leaving the building and getting in a cab, but she’s still just as angry. Many people in the comments could not believe the way this woman was behaving. Of course, they were even more worried about the innocent dog. He deserves a kinder family than that.

This insane situation is a good reminder to always be kind and respectful toward other people—and dogs!

Watch the Footage Here:

@packleaderlindsWhen a client calls the cops on you for not answering her texts within 20 minutes 🙂 wait for the end ##karen ##fypシ ##karensgoingwild

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Featured Image: Screenshots, @packleaderlinds/TikTok

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