Woman “Utterly Traumatized” After Lisa Vanderpump’s Rescue Gives Her Worms

WARNING: Content may be disturbing to some readers.

Animal rescue organizations often get a lot more criticism than they deserve. After all, they’re usually run by volunteers who just want to save lives. Yet, some complaints are a bit more serious than others, such as a lawsuit against Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue organization. Vanderpump Dogs is under fire because they allegedly adopted out a sick puppy, which passed violent worms to the adopter. This story isn’t being shared to give dog rescues a bad reputation, but instead, it reminds future dog parents to be cautious, no matter where they get their dog from.

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Puppy and Human Contract Worms

A woman is suing Vanderpump Dogs for fraud and negligence. She came in to adopt a puppy, and she quickly fell in love with a young Dachshund named Cassie. She claimed that the staff let her play with Cassie even though the puppy hadn’t been dewormed yet.

After spending several hours with the puppy, she applied to adopt her. The rescue staff agreed that it seemed like a good fit. So, the adoption was approved the next day. The staff insisted that the woman was getting a healthy puppy, and she was even given all the medical records. But now, she believes that they gave her a false vaccine record.

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Once Cassie arrived in her forever home, she already showed signs of worm infections. Documents show that the woman got her treated at the vet shortly after. The woman claimed she reached out to Vanderpump Dogs about the health concerns, but she never heard back.

However, the problems didn’t end there. Not long after, the woman herself also contracted worms. The details of her severe condition are not for the faint of heart.

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A Graphic and Traumatizing Situation

A few days after taking Cassie to the hospital, the woman claimed that she experienced a violent worm infection. Her overly graphic description was that she expelled “live worms and eggs from her mouth, vagina, and anus.” Doctors soon diagnosed her with intestinal parasites and prescribed medication for it.

So, the woman is suing the organization for giving her a puppy that hadn’t been dewormed. In the court documents, she explained that she is “utterly traumatized” from the experience. She claims that she still suffers from emotional distress and nightmares.

Image: @vanderpumpdogs/Instagram

The woman wants her medical expenses and cleaning expenses related to the worms to be covered. Vanderpump Dogs Foundation has yet to speak publicly on the issue. It’s unfortunate to see a dog rescue getting a bad reputation, but no human or dog should have to experience something like this.

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Featured Image: @vanderpumpdogs/Instagram

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