World’s Most Valuable Working Dog Sells For Record-Breaking Price

A dog’s love is priceless, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in Australia. Eulooka Hoover the Australian Kelpie from Edenhope recently sold for $35,200 in an auction, breaking the record for the most expensive working dog in the country.

Of course, this high price didn’t just come out of nowhere. Hoover is a very versatile working dog, and he’s great at what he does. So, he will continue to show off and get work done in his new home. After all, he clearly has a fun time herding sheep and cattle.

Image: Screenshot, Sarah Lee YouTube

A One-of-a-Kind Kelpie

Before Hoover came along, the record-breaking sale for a working dog was 25,000 Australian dollars ($19,240). No one expected that record to change during the 2021 Casterton Kelpie Association’s annual auction. The auction had to be held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, that didn’t stop the event from being incredibly successful.

Hoover sold for 35,000 Australian dollars ($27,090) without hesitation. David and Sarah Lee bred and trained the 2-year-old Kelpie, making him the ideal working dog. This isn’t their first successful working dog sale either, so they clearly know what they’re doing.

“He’s a great all-rounder. He’ll go to cattle, he’ll go to sheep out in the paddock, and he’ll work them in the yards,” said David. “He’s just such a happy-go-lucky lad. He’ll go to work eight days a week if you let him.”

Image: @AustralianWorkingDogMuster/Facebook

David said he was offered a good amount of money for Hoover before the auction even began. Yet, he turned it down, knowing that the hard-working dog was worth even more. An anonymous buyer then made the shocking bid on Hoover during the auction.

Hoover in Action

Of course, parting with Hoover was incredibly difficult for David and Sarah, but it felt good to know that he’ll be in a good home. David suspects that Kelpies like Hoover are in such high demand right now because there are fewer people working on the farms.

“With the worker shortage and people not wanting to be on the farm, people are starting to recognize [the dogs’] worth,” said David.

Image: Screenshot, Sarah Lee YouTube

The auction price record for a puppy was also broken during this event, with one selling for $9,050. The most expensive working dog in the world is still a Border Collie from the United Kingdom who sold for $38,000. While Kelpies and Border Collies might not be the most expensive breeds to own, they’re expensive for their training instead.

Of course, these pricey pups are trained to do incredible tasks that not every canine can do. Yet, if you’re looking for a companion dog, there’s no need to spend this much. There are millions of amazing shelter dogs searching for a loving home, so they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Watch Hoover in Action Here:

Featured Image: Sarah Lee YouTube

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